In a revised edition of his original book, J. S. Grewal brings the history of the Sikhs from its beginnings in the time of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, right up to the present day. Against the background of the history of the Punjab, the volume surveys the changing pattern of human settlements in the region until the fifteenth century and the emergence of the Punjabi language as the basis of regional articulation. Subsequent chapters explore the life and beliefs of Guru Nanak, the development of his ideas by his successors and the growth of his following. The book offers a comprehensive statement on one of the largest and most important communities in India today. Comprehensive treatment of the history of the Sikhs from its beginnings to the present day Useful appendices including lists of successors/descendants of major players, chronology of events brought up to date, and heads of British administration in colonial Punjab Author is a distinguished scholar in the field Contents Introduction; 1. The Turko-Afghan rule; 2. Foundation of the Sikh Panth; 3. Evolution of the Sikh Panth (1539 1606); 4. Transformation of the Sikh Panth (1606 1708); 5. Rise to political power (1708 1799); 6. The Sikh empire (1799 1848); 7. Recession and resurgence (1849 1919); 8. In the struggle for freedom (1920 1947); 9. Towards the Punjab-Province (1947 1966); 10. In the new Punjab state (1966 1984); Epilogue; Appendices.Printed Pages: 277.

The Sikhs of the Punjab