Equipment of a Sikh Horseman

Sikh horsemen carried very little when in battle.

'In their excursions they carry no tents or baggage, except, perhaps, a small tent for the principal officer: the rest shelter themselves under blankets, which serve them also in the cold weather to wrap themselves in, and which, on a march, cover their saddles.'

- Colonel Polier

'A Sicque horseman is armed with a matchlock and sabre of excellent metal, and his horse is strong and well formed.'

- Forster

'They move about constantly, armed to the teeth, and it is not an uncommon thing to see them riding about with a drawn sword in each hand, two more in their belt, a matchlock at their back, and three or four pair of quoits fastened round their turbans'

- Osborne

Many accounts record that Sikhs were very fond of muskets, and the way they used them has been commended by foreigners.

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